Testing of cooperative tasks for Unmanned Aerial and ground platforms

Authors - A. Gaujens, A. Benini, A. Mancini, S. Longhi.

Abstract - In the last years the Model Based Design for Unmanned Systems aided the safe and rational release of applications running on unmanned systems. In particular in this paper we focus on a hybrid methodology that merges Software in the Loop (SIL) and Model in the Loop (MIL) strategies for cooperative tasks performed by aerial and ground autonomous vehicles. The proposed work flow covers the design and testing of Ground Control Station (GCS) modelled by a finite state machine, the design and testing of navigation code running on UAV and UGV and the testing of cooperative missions. The work-flow is based on a realistic 3D physical simulator interfaced with Matlab-Simulink-Stafeflow. The proposed approach has been successfully tested and evaluated allowing to release runnable and safe code on real targets.

This paper is available on IEEE.

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